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For over 60 years, Legoplast has been producing high-quality packaging for displayed products and it has been specializing in different fields: clothing, cosmetic, stationery, gadgets and promotional gifts, home textile, and large-scale distribution.

Customized packaging

The personalization of the packaging is essential to meet the aesthetic requirements of both our clients and the final consumers. The value of every single article increases thanks to a customized packaging, which must also protect the product inside the bag. The combination between transparency, colours and robustness combined with different shapes and finishes is the key to increase the visibility of the packaging itself.
The foil, serigraphic and flexographic printing diversify the range of possibilities for giving free rein to creativity by printing in different colours or for adapting your design to a customized packaging.
We love challenges: our great creative flexibility allows us to develop and tailor each clients’ packaging request, from small companies to multinationals and large-scale distribution.


Would you like to see and know more about our green solutions?

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We love sustainability

We follow our clients step by step in the right packaging choice, from the classic 100% recyclable plastic materials (i.e. polypropylene, PVC and polyethylene) to the latest technological solutions.
Without losing our high quality standards in terms of materials’ characteristics, we can offer degradable and recycled plastic materials, bioplastics and compostable materials. In this way, we can satisfy the market demands for ecological sustainability as well as protecting the environment and reducing the environmental impact.


We love Reuse

The charming design and the attention to details are essential elements of our packaging, which is realized according to the final consumer’s likings and expectations. Thanks to the characteristics of quality, strength and durability, our bags become welcome gadgets that you can reuse at your own convenience.