For over 60 years, Legoplast has been producing high-quality packaging for displayed products and it has been specializing in different fields: clothing, cosmetic, stationery, gadgets and promotional gifts, home textile, and large-scale distribution.

Customized reusable packaging

Packaging customization is our hallmark of excellence. With passion and expertise, we transform our clients' ideas into unique and exclusive packaging. No matter what your product is, it will be accurately enhanced to ensure its integrity and to improve its visibility in the display area. The combination of transparencies, colors, and finishes contributes to create original and high-quality packaging.

The various printing technologies, e.g. digital, foil, serigraphic, and flexographic printing open up a world of creative possibilities. Our team will support you in developing a functional packaging, which generates interest in the final consumer in order to ensure continuity to your brand identity.

We are ready to tackle new challenges that we see as opportunities to use our creative versatility and to bring your ideas to life. Our packaging is made with high-quality materials and it's designed to meet the expectations and desire of your final consumer by promoting the culture of reuse, recovery, and material enhancement.


We offer packaging solutions that combine harmoniously the toughness of traditional plastics with the latest new materials, which some of them are also plant-based. Careful verification and rigorous test are made in order to ensure their maximum functionality on each selected material.

Our packaging solutions are designed to offer a balance between efficiency, aesthetics, and sustainability. Always with an eye on the future, we are committed to finding new material solutions without forgetting the quality and efficiency that distinguish our products.

Packaging solutions

We position ourselves as reliable partners for a wide range of manufacturing and commercial sectors. We offer tailored solutions for fashion, home textile, stationery, gadget and promotional gifts, cosmetics, and large-scale distribution. Each sector has unique needs, and we are committed to paying particular attention in order to meet them. We develop packaging that not only protects the products inside but also gives value to the brand and conveys effectively our clients' image.

The latest news on Legoplast packaging

Case Study Materials Packaging

Case study Paramidonna

Paramidonna is a Bulgarian beachwear brand, established in 2015. The creations draw inspiration from the teenage memories of the founder, Donika Ancheva. The brand's collection features feminine designs crafted from high-quality fabrics and accessories...

Case Study Packaging

Case study: Slim Cell

Duelegs BBF group has asked for an innovative packaging for Slim Cell product, and Legoplast design team has seized the opportunity to offer a tailored solution. The client was looking for a slider bag that could not only...


Your new packaging in 4 steps - That's how we work

STEP 01 • First request. You can call us or you can visit our website and fill in the information on our contact page. In both cases, we will answer your requests as soon as possible. STEP 02 • Project development. Remember that the details we will need...


Personalization and quality in Legoplast boxes

In addition to the traditional and newest sustainable plastic packaging solutions, Legoplast has now developed a new line of boxes for tailored packaging. We offer versatile high-quality solutions to satisfy the needs of a...


Welcome solar energy

Legoplast company policy has long been driven by the maximization of production stages’ efficiency and the reduction of energy consumption in our factory. These elements are essential in our business strategy aiming at...

Materials Packaging

A certification for compostable packaging

Our commitment to responsible management and sustainability has led us to an important achievement: the acquisition of TUV Austria certification for compostable materials. This certification is valid for both high and low thicknesses...

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