Your new packaging in 4 steps - That's how we work


STEP 01 • First request

You can call us or you can visit our website and fill in the information on our contact page. In both cases, we will answer your requests as soon as possible.

STEP 02 • Project development

Remember that the details we will need for your packaging project are: bag and material type, packaging size, quantity, and you will tell us, if you need a logo printing. In this way, we can send you a price proposal and a sample to test our packaging size and quality.

STEP 03 • Production

Once we receive your packaging order, we can start the production. Standard production time is 4/5 weeks from order confirmation but it can change according to the packaging type.

STEP 04 • Delivery and Customer Care

After production and delivery of your bags, we will get in touch again for any doubts, questions, and new orders!