Packaging quality, durability and strength have a key role in the large-scale distribution because the bag itself must protect the articles during their handling and display, and at the same time it must be practical and useful for the consumer. Nowadays, the real challenge for many companies consists in protecting their products through effective solutions which allow also to give value

to the articles, to display them in prearranged areas and to maximize sales. Thanks to the versatility of both classic and sustainable plastic materials, our bags can be used for various products in different shapes and sizes. In this way, we are able to satisfy all clients’ requests as well as maintaining the main characteristics of our packaging, e.g. durability, strength, and protection.

Doypacks and bags with embedded hangers and buttons or double-sided tape band are some examples of our packaging solutions. Their value increases thanks to the possibility to print one or more colours and to the choice between sustainable solutions
and 100% recyclable materials.

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Doypack with grip seal, gusset and eurohole

Bag with grip seal and hole

Bag with grip seal and hanger

Bag with grip seal and welded hanger

Bag with button, pocket and embedded hanger

Bag with double-sided tape band and embedded hanger

Slider bag with embedded hanger

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