EVA - Recyclable, soft and versatile

Case Study, Materials, Packaging

EVA, a recyclable, soft, and versatile material, can be used for various sectors. Its properties make it ideal for numerous applications, proving to be an excellent choice in diverse contexts. Despite its softness, EVA is extremely resistant and durable, allowing a complete protection.

Thanks to its resistance and flexibility, EVA is perfect for protecting products of various shapes and sizes, making it a widely used material in the packaging industry.

Additionally, being entirely recyclable and reusable, this material significantly contributes to the circular economy and helps reduce environmental impact.


We are excited to introduce our latest innovation, biobased EVA. This innovative material comes from ethylene obtained from the third pressing of sugarcane, a renewable resource that further reduces the carbon footprint of our packaging.

Biobased EVA maintains all the exceptional properties of traditional EVA, offering an even more sustainable alternative. Thanks to its unique characteristics, this material represents a valid alternative to PVC, especially in the home textile sector.

Regarding traditional EVA, available in transparent or satin finish variants, we can create ideal solutions for the beachwear, gadget, and promotional gift sectors. These packages protect products while adding a touch of elegance and modernity, enhancing the content with attractive designs.

Through our dedication to innovation and sustainability, we continue to explore new possibilities for the use of EVA. Visit our website to discover how EVA can transform your approach to packaging!