The packaging for household linen is one of the core elements in our production system. In this sector, the bags’ quality can make a crucial difference to the consumer choice: the materials’ softness and transparency permit to appreciate the characteristics of the product inside the bag. In addition, the packaging must be robust,

strong and durable in order to protect the displayed articles. All these characteristics can be worthwhile for the final consumer to reuse the bags for putting back the household linen (tablecloths, sheets, quilts, duvets, blankets, etc.) in the bag after the washing or when the season changes.

The possibility to print one or more colours gives more value to our variety of packaging solutions that can be produced with either 100% recyclable plastic materials or other sustainable materials. According to the client requests and needs, the bags can have different closure types: one or two buttons, double-sided tape band, Velcro, and double-sided seals.

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Bag with two buttons

Bag with double-sided tape band and gusset

Bag with double-sided tape band

Zipper bag with gussets and handle

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