A certification for compostable packaging

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Our commitment to responsible management and sustainability has led us to an important achievement: the acquisition of TUV Austria certification for compostable materials. This certification is valid for both high and low thicknesses and it is only granted through a specific scheme called OK compost INDUSTRIAL.
We have decided to acquire this certification in order to satisfy our clients’ requests. They have asked for a viable guarantee of the characteristics of our products, which are a sustainable alternative to traditional materials.

Certificazione packaging compostabile

What does the European regulation say?

The collaboration with the certification agency TUV Austria has allowed us to award officially our products’ conformity to UNI EN 13432 standards, which establish strict criteria for compostable packaging. In particular, the regulation states that the material can naturally biodegrade thanks to composting and anaerobic digestion. These criteria include maximum degradation times, total transformation in stable compost, and the absence of interferences in composting stages.

Be aware of the mark ‘OK compost INDUSTRIAL’

In addition, companies must have and implement their own control system for demonstrating the conformity to regulation’s requirements. We have awarded this certification thanks to different procedures and specific tests that have been done on our samples. Therefore, our packaging can be now produced with the conformity mark Ok compost INDUSTRIAL.

The certification helps consequently us in being seen as a reference point in the field of sustainable packaging and it demonstrates tangibly our commitment to guarantee the highest quality of our materials.