In the cosmetic sector, the packaging quality is essential to catch the consumer’s attention according to its feelings and needs, as well as protecting the displayed product until its consumption. The consumer interest in a specific product is generated by the bags’ personalization, the attention to details, and consequently by the tactile sensation and the visual and aesthetic impact that permit to identify the packaging characteristics.

An adequate packaging must guarantee the hygiene, cleanliness and durability of the products during their display and sale until the consumer consumption. We offer a great number of packaging types in different shapes, finishes and closures (e.g. gifts bags, travel cases, make-up bags), which satisfy every request of the cosmetic world, from small and large companies to the large-scale distribution.

The high quality of our materials combined with the possibility to print one or more colours allow us to satisfy the various requests of our clients who ask for 100% recyclable and sustainable plastic materials.

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Bag with the grip seal

Doypack with the grip seal

Bag with the button and eurohole

Zipper bag with the gusset

Slider bag with the gusset

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