The stand-up pouch that gives value and protects your displayed products.

Available also recyclable. Completely customizable.

Versatility and sustainability in an appealing packaging

Are you looking for a packaging that is both versatile and sustainable? Our Doypack™ solutions are the perfect answer. These packages were originally designed for food industry, but they have evolved into the ideal solution for various sectors, from clothing to cosmetics, from promotional items to large-scale retail.

Protection, praticality, and style in every package

Thanks to a meticulous design, Legoplast's Doypack™ provides product protection without compromising praticality. They are really user-friendly and your customers will appreciate them not only for the initial purchase but also for the reuse.

Customization and sustainability: your brand in the spotlight

The quality of our Doypacks is evident not only from their protective features, practicality, and reusability but also from the customization of the packaging, which is designed to meet the communicative and image needs of our clients. Thanks to a meticulous attention to detail and the ability to print Doypacks in multiple colours, we create tailored solutions for our clients.

Ecologically sustainable

The great variety of our materials allows us to produce this packaging type with:
- classic reusable coupled plastic materials;
- 100% recyclable mono-materials;
- recycled materials;
- paper.

Tell us your needs; we will bring your ideas to life and we will follow step by step the packaging realization process, from creation stage to final production stage.


  • Mono-materials: polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP), paper
  • Coupled materials: PET or polypropylene (PP) or paper with polyethylene (PE) or PP +Aluminium, polyamide, paper.

Thicknesses from 40 to 200 µm


  • Height: from 100 to 500 mm
  • Width: from 80 to 400 mm
  • Gusset: from 35 to 150 mm.

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