Case study - Stationery packaging

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Sustainability is also reuse

Reusing packaging has become nowadays an important topic for the policy of many companies. Different companies’ branches are not only searching for degradable materials and green plastics, but also innovative and engaging solutions aimed at limiting the use of disposable packaging and at boosting the consumer to reuse the bags. We show you below the emblematic case study of a leading company in stationery field, which has asked Legoplast to study and develop a sustainable alternative to the packaging used for one of its leading products: a box for felt-tip pens and pencils made with a strong and recyclable plastic material.

We love reuse

The company manager has asked us to study a solution to replace the stiff packet that was uneconomical and couldn’t be reused for putting back the stationery in the packaging. The bag must protect the product inside, and it must be transparent and suitable for displaying products in stores and shops. In addition, the packaging have to be completely recyclable in order to be reused for arranging separately pencils and felttip pens. Combining the different material and bag characteristics with client’s needs for producing a reusable packaging has immediately thrilled us.

A smart and sustainable alternative

In this way, we have started to work and find a solution for producing a strong handy and useful bag. This packaging type requires an high thickness of minimum 220 my and it is normally stiff. However, we have an high technology material which has been developed for guaranteeing a good flexibility: the material can be easily modelled and being used for arranging pencils, felt-tip pens and a card in different pockets. And here we have the icing on the cake: the orange button closure has been personalized according to the colours of the well-known brand. In particular, the bags have to be also suitable for the automatic packing of the products and they must be shipped to the company with a specific quantity per box in order to facilitate the packing stage. As usual, before starting the production we make a sample. In this way, the client can test the bag, which must satisfy client’s needs and reflect the image the company wants to give to the final consumer.