Case study - The evolution of Maa Boo's packaging

Case Study, Marketing, Packaging

Brand growth

Since 2015 we have cooperated with Maa Boo, a Greek company born almost for fun thanks to the creative ability and initiative of two young women: Anna and Iloi.
They have got in touch with us for launching their new beachwear collection. They were looking for a packaging solution that could easily communicate their fresh inventiveness. The packaging should have also highlighted patterns’ vivid colours and fabrics’ softness, which have helped the company succeeded with the first two collections.
Their aim consisted in communicating freedom to energetic girls, who love sea, sun, and beaches without losing their company image: attention to details, flawless workmanship, resistant materials, and timeless elegance.

Always by your side

Maa Boo has already seen our online solutions and the company has found the packaging type, which could reflect their needs. After having received some samples, the team has chosen a frosted slider bag for beachwear that would be printed in white.
After this first order, the company has become one of our established clients and every year it relies on our creativity to change its own packaging. The second year we have changed design by printing on two sides in white; the next year, the first logo has been reused with a brown-colour-printing. In 2018 the client changed packaging type by choosing a button bag and they continued to vary printing type and colour: from a gold to an iridescent silver and black printing. This year a white button bag has been chosen: it was printed in white colour and the material was brown PVC.
The quick continuous market growth and variability in fashion world are a constant challenge. Legoplast is a reliable cooperator that can keep pace with changes in the market by responding immediately to clients’ needs.