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From 60 years Legoplast is specialized in the packaging production for every field and thanks to the investment in research and innovation, our production system stands amongst the most advanced in the industry.
All our products are recyclable and reusable and they are designed according to the clients’ requests aiming at protecting and giving value to the displayed products.
In terms of sustainability, Legoplast has also invested in research and resources for safeguarding and preserving the environment:

  • Utilization of energy coming from renewable sources throughout the production cycle.
  • The industrial production waste is reused or sold to companies in order to reuse it for producing other products.
  • Serigraphic printing with solvent-free inks and drying with LED lights.
  • Control system for the consumption of energy during the production, which has permitted to spare more than 20% of energy in the last 12 months.

Sustainable materials

In order to satisfy the continuous clients’ requests, we have developed a green line of completely recyclable sustainable materials. For some of these materials, the durability and performances are comparable to the ones of the normal plastic.
The sustainable materials are the result of continuous studies and analysis made by Legoplast team and they are chosen according to the characteristics of each product that must be packed.

Degradable polyethylene (PE)
and polypropylene (PP)

These two plastic materials are produced with an additive that allows the material degradation in lower time than the normal plastic.
Only if they are put in favorable microbial environments, the materials attract the microorganisms that eat plastic. In this way, the degradation process can start.


These materials compost in few weeks only if they are put in an industrial composting plant and they come from vegetable sources. Compostable materials are produced with additives and other materials coming from corn starch, cellulose, etc.


The bioplastic or biobased polyethylene has the same characteristics of the polyethylene (PE). It differs from the normal PE only in the way the ethylene is produced: during the third squeezing of the sugar cane.
Bioplastic has consequently a biologic origin and during its production there is a reduction in the emission of CO2 in the atmosphere.
The sugar cane cultivation doesn’t contribute to the deforestation because sugar cane is grown in specific sites far from forests and protected areas. Furthermore, in sugar cane plantations the workers are protected from labour exploitation.

Recycled polyethylene (PE)

The industrial production waste is reused and recycled in order to produce this material which can be recycled again.
However, its quality isn’t homogeneous because it isn’t a virgin material but a recycled one.

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